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MarieTV | Becoming A Multipassionate Entrepreneur

  10.10.2017   No comments

I’ve been a MarieTV viewer for years, so when a mutual friend connected me with serial entrepreneur Marie Forleo, I jumped on the opportunity to chat with her. We sat

MTV Decoded | 5 Mental Health Stigmas That Need To Go!

  24.05.2017   No comments

The phrase ‘mental health’ has been tossed around more than it’s ever been in the past year. While this is a good thing, because it has sparked a serious conversation

The Webby Awards Recap

  15.05.2017   No comments

This past week I had the honor of accepting two Webby Awards on behalf of MTV Decoded. That experience was incredible, to say the least, but it didn’t end there, though.

Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful Campaign Reminds Us to Take An Internet Break

  21.10.2016   No comments

The Internet is one of the most important spaces where speaking kindly to each other should be mandatory. Sadly, that’s often the last thing that happens across the web and

That Time I Was The Keynote At HAATBP!

  5.10.2016   No comments

The One Club gave me the honor of presenting at their Here Are All The Black People event. You might have seen the hashtag #HAATBP on Twitter, which documented what was