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…Ever Watched ‘Woke Porn’?

  28.07.2019   No comments

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One Big Pile

  27.07.2019   No comments

Sometimes when you’re in the club you need a place to store your stuff. Only folks fresh off work can relate to this struggle. Next time, try one big pile.

Trapped: A Real Life Nightmare

  27.07.2019   No comments

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WTEQ Won An Award for Being Funny!

  15.10.2018   No comments

Breaking news: Well, That Escalated Quickly won Best Comedy book at the 14th annual African American Literary Awards! What can you say to that other than hashtag blessed? Thanks so

ESSENCE Magazine Features WTEQ!

  1.05.2018   No comments

What do Kerry Washington and I have in common? ESSENCE magazine! Well, That Escalated Quickly¬†was featured as one of this month’s “five bold and awesome books by and about fearless