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New Podcast Alert! “Lemme Fix It”

  13.09.2023   No comments

After two very long years of development my new podcast with my bestie De’lon Grant is finally live! “Lemme Fix It” is a trip down memory lane, followed by a

Oh hello LA Times!

  9.09.2023   No comments

As if seeing Renaissance wasn’t exciting enough, I had the pleasure of being photographed as I was heading into the venue by the LA times! Beyond flattered to have my

The Deceptive Diet Plans of Brittany Dawn

  5.06.2023   No comments

Very excited to be back on the Scam Goddess podcast with my girl Laci Mosley to chat about notorious fitness scamfluencer Brittany Dawn. We had the best time cracking up

The WGA Is on Strike, So I Made A Video About It

  4.05.2023   No comments

For the first time in 15 years the Writer’s Guild of America is officially on strike. In the midst of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, I did my best to

‘Superstore’ Series Finale

  4.08.2021   No comments

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