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MTV Decoded | The Racist Origins of Policing

  11.08.2020   No comments

If modern policing were to take a DNA test, it would come back 99%-100% racist. And thankfully, we don’t need anyone to spit in a tube to figure that out.

So, I Wrote for the Oscars?!

  9.02.2020   No comments

At the the top of the year Janelle Monáe’s team hit me up and asked if I could help write her Oscars opening. First I made sure I wasn’t being

…Ever Watched ‘Woke Porn’?

  28.07.2019   No comments

  What do you think?!

One Big Pile

  27.07.2019   No comments

Sometimes when you’re in the club you need a place to store your stuff. Only folks fresh off work can relate to this struggle. Next time, try one big pile.

Trapped: A Real Life Nightmare

  27.07.2019   No comments

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