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‘The Video Queens’: That Time I Was Featured In Glamour Magazine

  5.04.2016   No comments

What would you do if one of your favorite magazines wanted to feature you and your friends? You’d squeal with excitement and show up on time. For their April edition,

Check out “MTV Decoded” my new web series with MTV News!

  7.06.2015   7 Comments

After being sworn to secrecy for 6 months, I'm super excited to finally share that I'm the new host of "MTV Decoded" a new web series produced by MTV News

Britney Spears covers Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman”

  3.08.2013   3 Comments

I did an impression of Britney on “The Read” this week and people enjoyed it so much that I decided to upload it to YouTube. The response has been super

My Lipstick Story | Chescalocs

  28.07.2013   4 Comments

My latest Chescalocs  video, “My lipstick story” was inspired by the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross. Now of course I wanted to share my growing lipstick collection but more importantly, as

Ask Frannie’s Grannie | episode 1

  26.07.2013   6 Comments

You guys said you wanted to see more grandma, so here she is! I created a Google voice number so my subscribers could leave messages for grandma and me to