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Larry Wilmore Loves WTEQ!

  3.03.2018   No comments

Larry Wilmore gave me my first tv writing job. Every day at #TheNightlyShow brought more learnings than I ever could’ve imagined. Larry’s the brains behind some of the smartest and funniest

OMG I Wrote a Book!? Here’s What You Need to Know!

  18.01.2018   No comments

In case you missed it, I wrote a book! That’s right – a whole book! Well That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs & Mistakes of an Accidental Activist will officially be available in hardcover

MarieTV | Becoming A Multipassionate Entrepreneur

  10.10.2017   No comments

I’ve been a MarieTV viewer for years, so when a mutual friend connected me with serial entrepreneur Marie Forleo, I jumped on the opportunity to chat with her. We sat

MTV Decoded | 5 Mental Health Stigmas That Need To Go!

  24.05.2017   No comments

The phrase ‘mental health’ has been tossed around more than it’s ever been in the past year. While this is a good thing, because it has sparked a serious conversation

The Webby Awards Recap

  15.05.2017   No comments

This past week I had the honor of accepting two Webby Awards on behalf of MTV Decoded. That experience was incredible, to say the least, but it didn’t end there, though.