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Thank you Chelsea Fagen for having me on The Financial Diet podcast this week for a candid discussion about mental health, the cost of going viral & the financial nitty gritty of divorce. I’ll be honest, I was *super nervous* about this conversation because I’ve never spoken publicly about my divorce settlement. While it was scary, from the jump it was important for me to be honest but also fair to myself & my ex-husband in this conversation. I’m really proud of this episode & I so appreciate Chelsea for giving me a safe space to share & for being such a thoughtful host and friend. As with anything I share online, I hope this convo inspires and encourages anyone who’s navigating their own divorce or any challenge and working towards a happier and more healed life 💕✨

Listen to my interview on The Financial Diet “Franchesca Ramsey on the finances of divorce & the cost of going viral” wherever you get your favorite podcasts, or watch the episode below!



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