On VidCon: Receipts, Handling Conflicts, & Creating Safe Spaces

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You guys, VidCon was amazing! If you followed me on social media, I’m sure you’re privy to some of the controversial events that tried to pop off. Without viscerally reacting, the situations were diffused and the good times kept rolling. This is one of the reasons why my keynote, You Don’t Always Need An Audience, was kind of special.

I shared personal experiences about handling conflicts (with other Creators or folks in cyberspace) offline instead of my timeline. Today’s society had made it easy — and sometimes, mandatory — to “spill tea” or “drag folks for filth” in hopes of a juicy reaction and increased subscribers. I’ve done it before but have seen a much greater impact resolving a blowout one-on-one versus online.

Please take a moment to catch the replay if you haven’t seen it already. (And thanks Akilah for the nice introduction!)



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