Chescaleigh vs. Britney: “Grown 4 U” Beyoncé mashup

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  • Kathy
    10/19/2013, 3:20 pm  Reply

    I saw your video about halloween costumes and racism and I thought it was great, but aren’t you doing the same thing when you parody about Brittany Spears, blonds or old people? You are living a double standard and you really should scrutinize what you say and do before doing it.

    • franchesca
      12/10/2013, 11:57 pm

      You cannot be racist against blondes or old people because neither are races of people. An impersonation of Britney Spears is not perpetuating negative stereotypes about blondes or white people that will lead to their mistreatment. Nor is wearing a blonde wig akin to blackface in any way shape or form. The same goes for impersonating an elderly person. It’s unfortunate that you can’t understand the difference when it’s plainly obvious.

      • Melissa
        02/19/2014, 4:10 am

        I noticed this in a different video of yours in which you pretend to be your “white friend.” The message was important, but the portrayal was disheartening.

    • 12/09/2014, 4:30 pm

      So easy for a privileged person to criticize another. It is much easier for you to live in privileged ignorance if women of color do not point out how it impacts them that all our models of beauty are unattainable for them. That’s the way privilege works, it stays in place if nobody talks about it or acknowledges it. If you don’t want to hear about how a black woman sees the world, then why are you reading this blog? If you want to stay complacent in ignorance, this is not the place to hang out. In this blog, you are likely to hear some disruptive messages that challenge your ideas. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • 11/11/2013, 3:42 am  Reply

    Awesome – you are all kinds of hilarious – just saw your Halloween Video and so checked out your website – way to go … I know almost nothing about Brittany and Beyonce by the way, but what you are doing is right spot on – so I’ll visit again when I have time – so want to meet your Granny. Ciao Bella.

  • lele
    05/18/2014, 1:12 pm  Reply

    hey beautiful. i love your hair journey and your personality. my only request is that you wear your natural eyebrows more often. the natural you is so much more appealing than the popular way of being appealing. dont get me wrong u are gorg with make up too escpecially the wedding make up. but the eyebrows you draw in arent for you babe. im team natural face when it comes to you.

    • franchesca
      05/19/2014, 11:40 am

      Thanks! But I’m not taking requests for how I should wear my makeup 😉

  • 12/09/2014, 4:16 pm  Reply

    I am sad to hear people criticizing you for your parodies of white icons. They don’t realize how heavy a burden it places on women of color that virtually all the definitions of beauty focus on characteristics of white women, especially blond hair, blue eyes, and extremely slender build. Ironically, this does not describe the majority of white women either, but I guess we forgive it because at least their skin is the same color as ours.

    In the video, you have two phases, the first is where you wear a blond wig and pale lipstick, and try to look like a white girl. I did not like you at all in that way, and suggest that this is just not a way for Black girls to try to make themselves. It seems false and robs you of all your natural characterisitcs. In the second phase, you reveal yourself as a real adult woman, embracing all yourself, including your sexuality and your natural beauty, which is over the top gorgeous.

    Anyone who would rather have you twisted and distorted into a facsimile of a white woman is just not worth the effort. You go ahead and be beautiful in your own way. Share yourself only with the people who can appreciate your natural beauty and accept you as a full and authentic person. I am not saying this to just you Franchesca, but to all Black women. Reveal yourself and celebrate yourself as you are naturally, and in that you will expand the definitions of beauty to include women of color and women who embrace all aspects of their real selves.

    And for you Francesca – you go ahead and parody anyhing that you want to to challenge the rest of us to see the world as it really is, including the ugly things we do to each other. If any thing that we do to each other can not stand the light of day, or ridicule, then we should stop doing it. You go girl. Remake the world.

  • Mariah
    01/12/2015, 11:52 pm  Reply

    My favorite thing about you? Your replies to these weird, off-topic, ignorant lame-os! I thought I loved you when I came to your site, but now I KNOW you’re my spirit animal!

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