Lemme Fix It | The American Shopping Mall: It’s Giving Pompeii

For the latter half twentieth century the shopping mall was a cornerstone of American social life and accounted for most of the nation’s retail sales. In the 1980’s there were


Lemme Fix It | Lisa Frank: Unicorns, Bad Bosses & Cocaine Rainbows

Lisa Frank is the technicolor media giant best known for making school supplies that were all the rage with middle school girls in the 90s. At the company’s peak during


Sundance Screenwriters Lab & Intensive Set 2024 Fellows

Very excited to share that my feature has been selected for the 2024 Screenwriters Lab and Intensive. Read more about the lab and the other 12 features exclusively on Deadline


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Our first installment of the “Round Robin Games” was such a success we decided to bring them back! So this week instead of devoting the entire episode to just one


Lemme Fix It | Dream: P.Diddy’s Forgotten Girl Group

This week we’re joined by writer, director and actress Kelechi Okafor to discuss the girl group Dream. In 2001 Dream seemed poised for success after the release of their hit