I’m Hosting IAB’s ‘Podcast Upfront’

  3.09.2020   No comments

IAB, the International Advertising Bureau, selected me as this year’s Podcast Upfront host! During the three-day virtual event, I’ll be joined by co-hosts Sarah Gonzalez, Chris Jericho, and Julián Castro

The Oscars Are Nominated for an Emmy

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The Oscars are nominated for an Emmy. I wrote for the Oscars this year. That means…I’m nominated for an Emmy?! Wow! Thank you, Janelle Monae and Wondaland, for the opportunity!

People Magazine’s Reality Check

  13.08.2020   No comments

This week I joined People magazine’s #RealityCheck  to chat about the new season of MTV Decoded and what we hope to accomplish by focusing on police violence. Check out two clips

MTV Decoded | The Racist Origins of Policing

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If modern policing were to take a DNA test, it would come back 99%-100% racist. And thankfully, we don’t need anyone to spit in a tube to figure that out.

MTV Decoded | 3 Hollywood Myths About Policing

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When you see a cop on TV or in movie, they’re almost certainly putting their life on the line to catch the bad guys and keep us safe. But is