Answering Your Writer’s Strike Questions using FX’s ‘The Bear’

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Misinformation about the writer’s strike is running rampant. And if there’s one thing Imma do, it’s set the record straight. While many assume tv writers are rolling in dough, the reality is many are struggling to make a living wage. For context, here’s a breakdown of what first time staff writer Alex O’Keefe made writing on FX’s hit show, “The Bear.”

For more context, check out this interview with Alex O’Keefe for Business Insider:

A writer for FX’s ‘The Bear’ went to the Writers Guild of America Awards with a negative bank account balance and won for Best Comedy Series. 

Wanna support the strike? Consider donating to the entertainment fund, which offers financial assistance to writers and crew impacted by the strike. You can also purchase a union solidarity t-shirt, with proceeds also going to the entertainment fun. Or join us on the picket lines in NY or LA!



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