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MTV Decoded | Instinct or Influence?

  24.01.2018   No comments

Instinct or influence? This week on Decoded Raymond Braun and I break down the key tactics that big tobacco companies use to successfully make cigarettes more available and affect our choices.

MTV Decoded | Will Multiracial Kids End Racism?

  18.01.2018   No comments

Will the massive increase in the number of multiracial children across America help end racism? No. Here’s why ending racism is going to be more complicated than making babies with

MTV Decoded | Hijab or No Hijab?

  11.01.2018   No comments

While it’s not any of our business, the hijab has become a point of contention in America. Is it mandatory that all Muslim women wear them? Why do some women

MTV Decoded | Ax vs. Ask?

  4.01.2018   No comments

We’re baaaaaack! And we’re kicking off this season with an…ax? Not quite. Have you ever wondered why people say “Ax” instead of “Ask”? In this episode of Decoded, we’re exploring

YouTube Creators for Change Project

  4.10.2017   No comments

Police violence is a multilayered issue that can feel overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it. So I teamed up with YouTube as part of their Creators For