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Check me out on the ‘Hanalyze This’ Podcast

  12.06.2018   No comments

Co-hosts Hannah Hart and Hannah Gelb are the dynamic duo behind the popular podcast HANALYZE THIS. “Every week the two Hannahs test out a new self-help fad and provide the

“Mom and Mushrooms” on the RISK! Podcast

  22.05.2018   No comments

I recently had the honor of telling THE MOST embarrassing story on the RISK! podcast . RISK! is hands down one of my favorite podcasts so it was very cool to

Rise to the Occasion with Luvvie Ajayi

  16.05.2018   No comments

Luvvie is an old friend of mine, so when she called me to appear on her new podcast, Rants & Randomness, I was game. We talked about my new book, Well,

Chatting WTEQ on “Keep It!” Podcast

  16.05.2018   No comments

I called in to the Keep It! podcast to talk about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and my book Well, That Escalated Quickly. Take a listen below!

NPR One | What’s Good With Stretch & Bobbito

  27.09.2017   No comments

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the hilarious NPR podcast, What’s Good With Stretch & Bobbito! Take a listen to my episode below!