People Magazine’s Reality Check

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This week I joined People magazine’s #RealityCheck  to chat about the new season of MTV Decoded and what we hope to accomplish by focusing on police violence. Check out two clips

MTV Decoded | The Racist Origins of Policing

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If modern policing were to take a DNA test, it would come back 99%-100% racist. And thankfully, we don’t need anyone to spit in a tube to figure that out.

MTV Decoded | 3 Hollywood Myths About Policing

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When you see a cop on TV or in movie, they’re almost certainly putting their life on the line to catch the bad guys and keep us safe. But is

HBO’s Action Series #UpsetTheSetUp

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HBO recently launched Action Series, an educational experience set to encourage local leaders to make a difference in their communities. The inspiration for this movement sprang up from Stockton on

MTV Decoded | Why Prosecuting Police is Almost Impossible

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Why do the police act like the law doesn’t apply to them? Well thanks to a legal statute known as Qualified Immunity, it’s almost impossible to prosecute a police officer.