HBO’s Action Series #UpsetTheSetUp

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HBO recently launched Action Series, an educational experience set to encourage local leaders to make a difference in their communities. The inspiration for this movement sprang up from Stockton on

MTV Decoded | Why Prosecuting Police is Almost Impossible

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Why do the police act like the law doesn’t apply to them? Well thanks to a legal statute known as Qualified Immunity, it’s almost impossible to prosecute a police officer.

The Mary Sue | MTV’s Decoded With Franchesca Ramsey Has Returned and Is All About the Police

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MTV’s Decoded is back and we’re talking about defunding the police the entire season. Thanks to the Mary Sue for covering our new season! Click here to read “MTV Decoded With Franchesca

MTV Decoded | Why it’s Not About Good Cops vs Bad Cops

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Decoded is back for season 8, this time we’re doing things differently and focusing the entire season on “Defunding the Police.” When we talk about police violence, there’s a simple

This Video Shares 5 Tips Explaining How to Be a Better Ally to the Black Community

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Thank you, Pop Sugar, for using your platform to dismantle antiracism with impactful allyship. I appreciate your mentioning me here. Click here to read “This Video Shares 5 Tips Explaining