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Last Name Basis | Episode 60 | Retraction

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So, our souls are irked. Pat and I have complicated feelings about Dana Schutz’s painting of Emmett Till. Oh, and we have an update on our new super. This week’s episode

HuffPost | 10 People Who Deserve A Political Talk Show

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The Huffington Post is always looking out! I made another bad ass list and am super stoked about it. Thank you, HuffPo for including me the company of amazing friends

On VidCon: Receipts, Handling Conflicts, & Creating Safe Spaces

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You guys, VidCon was amazing! If you followed me on social media, I’m sure you’re privy to some of the controversial events that tried to pop off. Without viscerally reacting, the situations

MTV Decoded | How to Stop Victim Blaming

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The reasons we blame victims has a lot to do with moral values, human psychology, and…grammar? It’s true! In the final episode of Season 5, we offer different scenarios that

MTV Decoded | 5 Transgender Tropes That Need to Stop

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Fun fact: More than 270 million Americans don’t know any transpeople. When their limited exposure to trans people occurs, it is usually (and often, unfortunately) through media.  During Pride Month,