Bustle | 9 Books By Women About What It’s Really Like To Build A Career On The Web

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Building a career online can be tough! But somebody’s got to do it. Bustle, took a moment to mention both my career and new book Well, That Escalated Quickly, in a

How To Journal Your Productive Year

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At the end of 2017 I did a long Twitter thread about goal setting and how I set up my journal for a productive year. As you all know, I

Ilana Glazer Loves WTEQ!

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When I first met Ilana Glazer (@ilanusglazer), I knew she was something special. #BroadCity is such a hilarious, smart and important show. Being a part of season one is something

MTV Decoded | Can You Choose Your Own Pronouns?

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While it may seem that “He” and “She” are the only options when it comes to pronouns, the truth is that English has more options than these two gendered identifiers.

MTV Decoded | Are All Asians Rich?

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This week on Decoded, my friend Lily Du stops by to help debunk the “model minority” myth. Check it out below!