Last Name Basis | Episode 65 | Those Nasty Bears

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This week, Pat learns the secret to an amazing Britney Spears impression and the animal corner goes off the rails. Check out Those Nasty Bears on Last Name Basis here,

MTV Decoded | 5 Transgender Tropes That Need to Stop

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Fun fact: More than 270 million Americans don’t know any transpeople. When their limited exposure to trans people occurs, it is usually (and often, unfortunately) through media.  During Pride Month,

Last Name Basis | Episode 64 | The Egg Basket

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Patrick’s Game Corner, semi-formally named You Must Be Playin’ was finally brought to fruition. He shares God awful product names, like My Dad’s Nuts and Wack Off, and makes me

HuffPost | 10 People Who Deserve A Political Talk Show

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The Huffington Post is always looking out! I made another bad ass list and am super stoked about it. Thank you, HuffPo for including me the company of amazing friends

Check out Pat & I on “The Only Movie Podcast!”

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Pat & I talked about the new Alien movie on “The Only Movie podcast.” We love doing things like this, so of course, we had a blast. Listen to the episode