MTV Decoded | Why Are There So Few Asians in Hollywood?

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With the $171.4 million success of Crazy Rich Asians, I hope Hollywood gets the memo: Asian people deeply want and deserve to see their humanity reflected in film! In this

MTV Decoded | 4 Reasons School Dress Codes Are Sexist

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Newsflash: School dress codes are sexist! In the season SEVEN premiere episode of MTV Decoded, I dive into four reasons why, while revealing real problems students face every day.

WTEQ Won An Award for Being Funny!

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Breaking news: Well, That Escalated Quickly won Best Comedy book at the 14th annual African American Literary Awards! What can you say to that other than hashtag blessed? Thanks so

Exploring #ModernHERstory with Twitter

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With her new book, Modern HERstory, author and activist Blair Imani is changing the way we capitulate to social change. “Modern HERstory profiles and celebrates seventy women and nonbinary champions of progressive

Sometimes, It’s Okay to be Unladylike!

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Being “ladylike” is overrated…at least that’s what my friends at the Unladylike Podcast think. I sat down with Cristen and Caroline to talk about the lessons explored in my book