Can You Imagine WTEQ As a TV Show? Bustle Can!

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Bustle compiled 11 essay collections that’d make for great TV. Among the short, but mighty list is my debut book Well, That Escalated Quickly! The more I think about it,

MTV Decoded | 5 Phrases People With Disabilities Are Tired Of

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Listen up able-bodied folks! There’s a lot we need to learn when it comes to insensitive comments and questions aimed at our disabled friends, family, and loved ones. So my

MTV Decoded | Why Are There So Few Asians in Hollywood?

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With the $171.4 million success of Crazy Rich Asians, I hope Hollywood gets the memo: Asian people deeply want and deserve to see their humanity reflected in film! In this

MTV Decoded | 4 Reasons School Dress Codes Are Sexist

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Newsflash: School dress codes are sexist! In the season SEVEN premiere episode of MTV Decoded, I dive into four reasons why, while revealing real problems students face every day.

WTEQ Won An Award for Being Funny!

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Breaking news: Well, That Escalated Quickly won Best Comedy book at the 14th annual African American Literary Awards! What can you say to that other than hashtag blessed? Thanks so