‘Well, That Escalated Quickly’ on KTLA News

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Check it out! My very first morning show appearance to promote WTEQ! Thanks for having me KTLA! Check out the interview below!

I’m in Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” Video. What is Life?

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Back in March, my agent forwarded me an email from Adam Levine inviting me to be part of the Maroon 5 music video for their next single, “Girls Like You” At first I

“Mom and Mushrooms” on the RISK! Podcast

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I recently had the honor of telling THE MOST embarrassing story on the RISK! podcast . RISK! is hands down one of my favorite podcasts so it was very cool to

A Sit Down with Marie Forleo to Discuss ‘Well, That Escalated Quickly’

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Marie Forleo is one of my favorite people, so it was an honor to join her for a second time on MarieTV! This time around we talked about my book, Well,

Rise to the Occasion with Luvvie Ajayi

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Luvvie is an old friend of mine, so when she called me to appear on her new podcast, Rants & Randomness, I was game. We talked about my new book, Well,