WTEQ’s Nominated for the 2019 NAACP Image Awards

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Well, That Escalated Quickly has been nominated in the Outstanding Literary Work (Biography/Autobiography) category in this year’s NAACP Image Awards! That best part of it all? I share such a sacred

‘POF’ with Matt Bellassai’s Unhappy Hour

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Matt Bellassai and I talked about the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and why it’s hard out here for Floridans in a recent episode of Unhappy Hour. Listen below! Thanks, Matt!

MTV Decoded | Why Don’t Straight Men Hold Hands?

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My friend Kenny DeForest stopped by Decoded this week to break down toxic masculinity and how it could be impacting straight dude’s health. Watch the episode for yourself and let

Can You Imagine WTEQ As a TV Show? Bustle Can!

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Bustle compiled 11 essay collections that’d make for great TV. Among the short, but mighty list is my debut book Well, That Escalated Quickly! The more I think about it,

MTV Decoded | 5 Phrases People With Disabilities Are Tired Of

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Listen up able-bodied folks! There’s a lot we need to learn when it comes to insensitive comments and questions aimed at our disabled friends, family, and loved ones. So my