On VidCon: Receipts, Handling Conflicts, & Creating Safe Spaces

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You guys, VidCon was amazing! If you followed me on social media, I’m sure you’re privy to some of the controversial events that tried to pop off. Without viscerally reacting, the situations

ELLE | 6 Funniest Women on the Internet

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I love that a part of my job is making people laugh while making them think. ELLE magazine seems to love it too and included me in another awesome list

MTV Decoded | How to Stop Victim Blaming

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The reasons we blame victims has a lot to do with moral values, human psychology, and…grammar? It’s true! In the final episode of Season 5, we offer different scenarios that

MTV Decoded | What’s a Real Man?

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49 million Googlers are stumped by one question: What’s a real man? According to advertisers and media, a real man doesn’t cry, eats red meat, and only drives stick-shifts. While

Last Name Basis | Episode 65 | Those Nasty Bears

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This week, Pat learns the secret to an amazing Britney Spears impression and the animal corner goes off the rails. Check out Those Nasty Bears on Last Name Basis here,