My First Time At NYFW? Amazing!

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If you’re a serious lover of fashion, like myself, then you know that New York Fashion Week is the event to attend. This September, I got the chance to attend my very

5 Women Who Could Replace Larry Wilmore

  16.08.2016   No comments

The Daily Beast named me as one of the 5 women who could replace Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central! That’s quite an honor, but the best part is the gorgeous company

She Knows | 6 Activists To Follow If You’re A Feminist

  10.08.2016   No comments

A huge thanks goes to Matt McGorry and SheKnows for curating this amazing list of feminist activists to follow. As always, I am humbled and grateful to use my voice

The Last 5 Episodes of ‘Last Name Basis’ Are A Must Listen

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Are you all caught up on the Last Name Basis podcast? If not, take a listen to some of our most recent episodes here! All Apologies — August 5, 2016

I Made The VH1 Hip Hop Honors Best Dressed List!

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The VH1 Hip Hop Honors has been added to my list of epic adventures! In one show, they gave us nostalgia, dope music and bad ass women who’ve pioneered through the male-dominated