marie claire | New Guard 2017: Women Changing The World We Live In

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I recently had the honor of being featured in Marie Claire’s New Guard for 2017. In their fifth-annual list of women visionaries, the brand lists women who are changing the

MarieTV | Becoming A Multipassionate Entrepreneur

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I’ve been a MarieTV viewer for years, so when a mutual friend connected me with serial entrepreneur Marie Forleo, I jumped on the opportunity to chat with her. We sat

YouTube Creators for Change Project

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Police violence is a multilayered issue that can feel overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it. So I teamed up with YouTube as part of their Creators For

Last Name Basis | Episode 71 | Trap Murder f/ MsPackyetti & kidnoble

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This week, you guest it! @MsPackyetti and @kidnoble are in the studio. Listen as we enjoy our first official guests on the show. Catch the replay below of Episode 71 here.

NPR One | What’s Good With Stretch & Bobbito

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I recently had the honor of being a guest on the hilarious NPR podcast, What’s Good With Stretch & Bobbito! Take a listen to my episode below!