Check out Pat & I on “The Only Movie Podcast!”

  31.05.2017   No comments

Pat & I talked about the new Alien movie on “The Only Movie podcast.” We love doing things like this, so of course, we had a blast. Listen to the episode

MTV Decoded | 5 Mental Health Stigmas That Need To Go!

  25.05.2017   No comments

The phrase ‘mental health’ has been tossed around more than it’s ever been in the past year. While this is a good thing, because it has sparked a serious conversation

The Webby Awards Recap

  20.05.2017   No comments

This past week I had the honor of accepting two Webby Awards on behalf of MTV Decoded. That experience was incredible, to say the least, but it didn’t end there, though.

Last Name Basis | Episode 62 | Petty Not Petty

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When the words ‘Dolezal’ and ‘felonies’ are mentioned during an episode, you know it’s lit! Patrick hilariously dissects rap lyrics and I refuse to control my ‘resting petty face’. Watch this

MTV Decoded | 5 Poverty Myths Debunked

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The Liberal Redneck (Trae Crowder) joined forces with me and the MTV Decoded crew to bring you 5 Poverty Myths Debunked. You’ve heard them all before — poor people are lazy or poop